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These quotes can be found on in the Supressor Forum:

"Finally got to the range tonight after waaaaay too long of a break. Gas Vent works well and does what its supposed to. Cant wait to try it out, outdoors."

"Well after a few weeks of screwing around, I finally have my new build done, complete with the AR Gas Vent. I can tell you that it DOES make a huge difference. Between the vent and the RTV trick, it works like a charm. I ran it on full auto for a few magazines with great success and for those of you who know, this is where you would otherwise be choking on gas. This combination is great and I'd recommend it to anyone shooting supressed on full auto or rapid fire strings"   ...edited for length and clarity by admin...

"In my opinion, this item takes a useless feature on the rifle and makes it useful! FA is a joke. If my rifle ever failed to chamber a round, I wouldn't try to jam one into it. I would stop, clear the round, and figure out what it is that went wrong. Plus I'm left handed and it seems like this item would redirect the gas better than the gas buster"

These quotes can be found on in the AR15/M16 forum:

"I never, ever use the Forward Assist personally, as forcing a cartridge someplace it doesn't want to go and then attempting to fire it just seems kinda like a recipe for disaster to me. I've had malfs with various weapons and cheap ammo before... and in all cases, using the forward assist would have just made things worse.

"Anyway, I'm obsessed with getting gas away from my face. I had 3 PRI gas busters on 3 AR-15s before... and i found that with more than 3 rounds, the gas quickly built up and i was choking on the fumes... the gas buster simply doesn't handle volume well" 
...edited for length and clarity by admin...

"I installed mine on one of my SR15s and tested it out, worked great, thanks."

These quotes can be found on in the Class 3 forum:

"Picked up one today,it is well made. It's going on a 18" SPR with a HALO can. Did not get it installed,work got in the way(again). Look for an AAR this weekend"

"Today I went to the range to try out the gas vent. This is a robust well built unit. Over all with a smooth, clean finish. The unit installed in under 5 min’s, without any fitting to the unit or rifle. Again well made.

The rifle; an 18inch,SPR with a stock charging handle and a HALO suppressor. The SPR ,bolt and carrier was cleaned and lubed. The rifle has over 1500 rounds through it, and in good working order. The HALO, dirty. 2 G.I. issued 20 round magazines were used, both cleaned and in good working order. Scope, Nightforce NXS 2.5-10x32 with A.R.M.S mounts.

Test; After a final check of the fit and finish of the gas vent unit, the suppressor was mounted and mags loaded. Ammo used in the order listed. The first shots tells all, my shooting glasses were clean.
This is from a well lubed, suppressed AR15. The 160 rounds of ammo were shot without any issues. The ammo was both shot slow/fast(for the range).

Summary; The weapon was cleared, and bolt and carrier removed. Both the bolt/carrier and upper were cool to the touch, and while not “clean” were in very good shape. The AR Gas Vent works, it does what it supposed to do, vent gas and back pressure, along with heat. I will use the SPR this week in the field, (open field/wooded areas), rain or shine. With a round count of 300+ , I feel will test it in more detail. The bench test shows the unit works. The field will show how it holds up in field use. I will not clean the rifle in the field, but for a FTF/Stoppage, till this weekend. With the round count and field work, this will show how well the unit works."

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