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AR Gas Vent

The AR Gas Vent is designed to mitigate the pressure in the receivers of an AR15/M16 while shooting suppressed. The ultimate goal of the AR Gas Vent is relieve the pressure in the receivers to help eliminate "gas face", a common problem of hot gas escaping from the area of  the charging handle and into the shooters face. The AR Gas Vent allows hot gas to escape out of the port in the AR Gas Vent
resulting in a satisfactory shooting experience.

The AR Gas Vent is machined from 7075 aluminum and coated with a Hardcoat IAW Mil-A-8625, Type 3, Class II finish for durability.

NOTE: The AR Gas Vent does not provide the function of the forward assist.


1. Make sure weapon is unloaded
2. Carefully remove forward assist roll pin using a 3/32 punch
3. Remove forward assist
4. Insert AR Gas Vent
5. Align notch on AR Gas Vent with hole in upper receiver
6. Carefully install roll pin into hole of upper receiver with 3/32 punch
7. Enjoy!



The 6N1 M1 Garand Gauge

The 6N1 M1 Garand Gauge eliminates the need for carrying or storing many different gauges for the M1 Garand. It was created from a need to consolidate gauges into a compact package offering an elegant solution to the clumsy alternative to having to search for the correct gauge for the task at hand.

The 6N1 M1 Garand Gauge performs the following functions:

Bullet Guide - Pre 1949 - Post 1949
Muzzle Go-No Go
Bolt/Firing Pin Minimum/Maximum
Gas Cylinder Bearing Go-No Go
OP Rod Go-No Go
Front Sight Widths to determine manufacturer

The 6N1 M1 Garand Gauge is made from 4130 Cr-Mo steel and is finished in black oxide, or "parked" just like the M1 Garand. The lettering is laser etched for a lifetime of wear and tear.





















QD Brake Shield

The QD Brake Shield was designed from a need more or less. Most shooters who run a short barreled AR15/M16 with a suppressor typically use a brake type QD suppressor mount in order to alleviate the erosion of the blast baffle. The only caveat to that is the concussion from the brake when the suppressor is not in use. Also, running a flash suppressor type mount gives a considerable amount of concussion as well.

Enter the QD Brake Shield. Two versions exist at the moment with others versions in the works. The QD Brake Shield funnels the blast forward and prevents the concussive force from being directed back at the shooter or anyone immediately next to you. This option would be beneficial to entry teams that choose not to run a suppressor but do not want to ruin their team mates hearing or concentration. Obviously the QD Brake Shield is for shooters of all disciplines that want to keep the range neighbors happy and keep the fillings in your mouth from rattling loose!

Exisitng versions are for YHM 5.56 and 308 suppressor mounts and the AAC M4 2000 suppressor mounts.

The QD Brake Shield is made from 4140, parkerized for protection against corrosion and weighs 5oz.

The YHM version simply screws on and attaches the same way as the suppressor does. The AAC version also screws on but employs a set screw that will need to be snugged to ensure the QD Brake Shield does not vibrate loose. The set screw comes with blue loctite applied with an allen wrench included.

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